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Learn how we're building a more accessible Viewnary

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The aim of Viewnary is to make views accessible to as many people as possible. We want to make Viewings more inclusive and suited to your needs. Here are the steps that we are taking to make sure this is possible.

Listing accuracy

Guests with specific requirements such as mobility needs often rely on photos to make sure a Listing will work for them.

We require Hosts to provide an accurate description of features available at their properties to support requests of Guests with mobility needs and showcase these in the photos of the Listing.

Listings with dedicated access features

Our team is dedicated to offering a wider selection of Listings with dedicated access features on Viewnary.

We are making them easier to find by improving our search features, including additional filters to match your requests and more in-depth descriptions of amenities offered.

Automated verification

We are working towards having a digital verification tool in place to automatically rate features and amenities included in a Listing based on the pictures provided by Hosts.

This way, you will know upfront whether a Listing is suited for you.

Communicating your requests

Viewnary Hosts are reminded to be responsive and accommodating when it comes to satisfying Guests' requests.

Through Viewnary chat, you are able to ask questions and arrange solutions for your next Viewing.

Host verification

Hosts on Viewnary, like all Users, are subject to fraud detection and prevention mechanisms. In addition, Hosts share their proof of identity when registering on Viewnary to ensure that Guests are not exposed to non-existent Listings or scams.

By doing so, you can enjoy your Viewing with peace of mind.


To make sure everyone feels welcome on Viewnary, we make sure our Inclusion guidelines are adopted by Users.

By following those clear and simple guidelines, Viewings on Viewnary will be safe, exciting, and respectful for everyone.

Dedicated Support Center

While we do our best to cover your questions and demands upfront, our Support Center is always available to assist you with any specific requests, support you with several organizational aspects, and facilitate your Viewing on Viewnary.

Safeguarding your personal information

As a Host, your personal information such as the Listing address, contact details, and any additional details is shared with Guests only when you accept a booking request.

Until then, such information remains private and inaccessible.