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Becoming a Host on Viewnary is free. We charge a 15% fee on the booking price you receive to offer you personalized support and connect you to a worldwide community of Guests.

How much should I charge for my view?

We understand that setting the right price for a new concept can be challenging. You might want to follow these tips.

Set a price for a Viewing

The price for a Viewing is per person on an hourly basis.

We recommend referring to the prices that observation decks in your area charge for a standard hourly visit. These are indicative numbers. Ultimately, you set the price. Take into consideration what other Hosts in your area charge, and any particular feature your property may have, such as a rooftop, terrace, or any other open space.

Can’t find your city? Talk to us.

New York

The Edge

$ 36 - 90


The View from The Shard

£ 28-99


At the Top, Burj Khalifa

$ 35-125

Do I have to be present during a Viewing?

Not necessarily. We understand you might allow a trusted person to hand over and retrieve keys, provide access codes or make any other arrangement of your choice.

Why is Viewnary more convenient than other short-term rental websites?

Overnight stay

A typical short-term rental website focuses on overnight stays, whereas Viewnary is a new concept that does not include overnight stays.

Preparation and maintenance efforts

Overnight stays require a lot of upfront preparation and post-stay maintenance. Viewnary makes it very simple to host a Viewing.

Access to your property

People booking your property on a short-term rental website usually have access to your entire property, putting your privacy at risk. With Viewnary you decide and set which areas of your property are accessible to Guests.

Exponential growth

On a short-term rental website, you can only accept a maximum of one booking per night, posing a constraint to your growth plans. Viewnary let's you accept multiple bookings per day.

Legal constraints

Short-term rental websites focusing on overnight stays are heavily constrained or banned in several cities (see the examples of New York, London and Dubai). There are no limitations for Viewnary.

My property is listed on other websites, can I still become a Host on Viewnary?

Yes. We understand the importance of diversifying your income streams. Viewnary is an excellent option if you want to make your property available full-time, part-time, or to fill gaps when your property is not booked on other websites.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Host Onboarding team.

Can I choose and change the days when my Listing is available for a Viewing?


You can choose the days during a week when your Listing is available, and change them anytime in your dashboard.

For example, if you know that you are not able to host a Viewing this upcoming Friday, you can remove this upcoming Friday from your schedule.

Can I trust other Users and what does Viewnary do to keep the Platform safe?

Viewnary is safe.

We store Users’ data without disclosing it to third parties, unless required to do so as per our Privacy Policy.

Hosts share their proof of identity when registering an account to ensure that Guests are not exposed to non-existent Listings or scams.

Guests are rated by Hosts for their conduct during a Viewing so that Hosts can make informed decisions when it comes to reviewing booking requests, which contributes to building trust among Users.

Users adhere to the rules of conduct outlined in our Terms and Conditions when signing up to the Platform. We have fraud detection and prevention mechanisms in place to reduce and minimize any breach of the rules of conduct.

We attempt to ensure that Users’ behavior on the Platform is polite and respectful, otherwise suspending or terminating such accounts.

Is Viewnary helping to take precautionary measures against COVID-19?

The health of our Users is our first priority. In response to COVID-19, we set cleaning protocol guidelines for Hosts in order to provide safe and hygienic Viewings.

We strongly urge you to follow the advice given by your national public health institute and regularly refer to our COVID-19 Safety and Awareness page for more information.

When and what info is shared with Guests?

We share your contact details, property address, access codes (if any) and any other information you have provided only when you accept a booking request.

Until that time, this information remains private and inaccessible.

We do so to protect your sensitive information. Guests are charged for a Viewing when you accept a booking request, meaning you are sure about receiving a payout even in case of cancellations by Guests, as per our Cancellation Policy.

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