A private alternative to the best bars in NYC (and more)

A private alternative to the best bars in NYC (and more)

Stephan Moerman Stephan Moerman

Stephan Moerman

Bars – including rooftop ones – are some of the most universal socializing spots. Who (above the age of 21, of course) hasn’t been to one for a hangout with friends or on a first date? There are people out there that visit a bar every single weekend, if not even on weekdays. This is more so the case in buzzing urban centers like New York City, where there’s little else to go for those kinds of occasions.

Surely the questions arises: does it ever get boring? For some of us, it definitely does. After all, they have some serious drawbacks. They’re mainstream. They get busy. Service can get sloppy. All the above and more are all too common. That goes for the best bars in NYC, too. Moreover, it’s nothing new or exciting.

Luckily for us all, time breeds creativity, new ideas and evolution.  That’s also true when it comes to age-old concepts like (rooftop) bars. Sometimes it would be great to have a bar or a similar public space all to yourself, save perhaps some other people you want to invite.

I’m sure you’ve had those moments where you were sitting at a bar or lounge with the best views in New York thinking, “Wow, if only I could have this place for myself sometime”. The unfortunate reality is that booking out an entire venue is pretty hard – and extremely pricey. If privacy and exclusivity is what you’re after, not to mention something off the beaten path, there’s a handy solution at your fingertips.

Amazing skyline views of New York from private spaces

Going out in New York often comes paired with great views of the sprawling cityscape. Whether it’s on the ground floor looking out on a bustling street, or on a high-rise rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline. But, as we said before, they’re hot items that you won’t often be able to enjoy in peace.

For the best skyline views in New York, you usually have to head to places like Magic Hour Rooftop & Lounge NYC and Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge NYC. We’ve seen and heard mixed things about those places, though. The views from Harriet’s Rooftop are less impressive than what you would see at Brooklyn Bridge Park, for example. Add to that the really long lines you can face, where you might have to wait for over half an hour to get a table – even when you reserve one. That’s not what we would call the best night out.

On top of that, they might cancel your reservation if a larger group comes along and decides to book multiple tables. Who wants to deal with those issues? At some of the other rooftop bars in NYC, like The Ready Rooftop Bar NYC, poor service amongst the chaos of large crowds can really ruin your experience.

There’s a new and innovative solution to those pesky issues now: Viewnary. Why book or visit a busy and mainstream rooftop bar when you can get the same - and different type – experience at a private space with great views? Take this private, exclusive Brooklyn rooftop with clear views of the New York skyscrapers.

There aren’t many spots like this where you can look out over the One World Trade Center and Manhattan skyline. The airy, 1000 square foot space sits atop a luxurious Brooklyn-style townhouse with plenty of amenities. On the rooftop itself, there is comfortable seating along with a full BBQ setup – grilling up your favorite BBQ foods won’t be a problem. Since we’re talking about the outdoor area, it’s certainly worth mentioning that the golden hour time is a beautiful period here. Golden hour drinks with sunset views? Yes, please.

The townhouse also has a cozy garden on the ground floor if you’re scared of heights. If the weather is grim, don’t fret - this property features a chef’s kitchen with extensive appliances. The kitchen is so well-equipped that the Host is open to hiring a private chef to whip up whatever your tummy desires. How can you possibly compare a personalized experience like this to visiting a public rooftop bar?

So, if you’re looking for fun things to do in New York City, this is one to add to your to-do list. One of the best private experiences in NYC.

Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn private rooftop

Sweeping views of Miami from a private terrace

The city of good vibes and exotic views: Miami. Life on rooftop bars in Miami is similar to that of New York in terms of drawbacks. The cons are essentially universal, after all. Since these places are in high demand but not as widely available as in The Big Apple, they can get crowded quickly. As a result, service can slack and leave you feeling unappreciated (or unseen, even). Even at the best bars in Miami.

Take Area 31 Miami as an example. Common reviews anyone can find online state that poor service and overpriced food can really make the time and money spent worthless. You might find yourself waiting pretty long for your appetizers and receiving snappy replies when you ask the waiters where your order is. Sugar Miami, like many rooftop bars in the US, is part of a high-end hotel and adheres to a strict dress code. Similar bars at hotels also have entry fees if you’re not a paying hotel guest.

Are dress codes and un-personalized staff not your thing? Thought so. The unfortunate truth is that Ocean Drive and the rest of the city is littered with those. That’s why you have to spend a day or night out at this exclusive private terrace with views of the Miami skyline and South Beach. Not only will you get the best views in Miami here, but you’ll be treated like a royal with unparalleled attention from your Host (should you want her to be there, that is).

Expect a fresh glass of champagne or prosecco upon arrival and the option to order any customized meal beforehand. Just a hint: the Host is Italian and specializes in homemade lasagna, amongst other Mediterranean delicacies. No long lines and slow service here, that’s a guarantee. If you’re after things to do in Miami, this is a hidden gem.

How about romantic date ideas in Miami? This swanky spot is the perfect place to surprise your partner with a unique experience. In fact, the private terrace also serves as a great spot for a photoshoot, yoga session, or just pure relaxation. In any case, now you know there’s a private, personalized alternative to the mainstream public venues like rooftop bars.

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Private terrace in Miami Beach overlooking the beac and Atlantic Ocean

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