Best ideas for romantic weekend getaways with amazing views

Best ideas for romantic weekend getaways with amazing views

Lars Sattanathan Lars Sattanathan

Lars Sattanathan

Romanticism is a quality that every one of us appreciates in another person. After all, it is nice to feel desired by another person and see that feeling expressed through a kind gesture. At Viewnary, we believe there is much more that you can do than just watching romantic movies all the time. Sometimes, you need a change - a fresh touch that will surprise your partner or person you are trying to impress. After all, whether it’s a first date or wedding anniversary, making a good (first) impression is crucial. 

Romantic ways to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend

Luckily, today you can be creative when it comes to planning a surprise. While physical gifts are a nice idea, it’s the views that remain imprinted in one’s head. After all, nobody will ever be able to take away what you see. The next time you are looking for “romantic restaurants near me”, keep in mind another fun thing to do.

Book a lovely experience under the sky on Viewnary. We believe romantic getaways must have an amazing view to be exciting. Our suggestion: try bringing your partner to a location that is totally unexpected and undiscovered, cherish a beautiful private terrace or rooftop with 360-degree views over the city during golden hour, and share a magical moment together. Doesn’t that sound better than laying on the couch watching romantic comedies? Believe us, even we at Viewnary tried it, and it really works! 

We have gifted you a precious idea, now it’s up to you to choose which exclusive location on Viewnary will inspire you the most. Good luck! 

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