Discover and admire the best views in Italy with Viewnary

Discover and admire the best views in Italy with Viewnary

Lars Sattanathan Lars Sattanathan

Lars Sattanathan

Looking for the best things to do in Italy? How about the best views in Rome or the best views in Venice? The boot-shaped Mediterranean country has much to offer, but one common issue is the hectic crowds you may encounter in these touristy Italian cities. If you’re looking for a unique escape, you have to try these 2 amazing views you can catch on Viewnary.

The best views in Rome from these exclusive private terraces

Ever been to the Spanish Steps in Rome? If you have, chances are that you were surrounded by other visitors, too. What all those visitors don’t yet know is that there is a stunning private terrace with amazing views of the Spanish Steps. To say that this view is rare would be an understatement. Not only that, you’ll be warmly welcomed with a refreshing glass of prosecco, authentic Italian breads like focaccia and ciabatta, and delicious cheese platters. Your friendly Host is also open to special requests that you can communicate before your visit. Perfect for golden hour drinks or as a romantic date idea. You can experience something equally unique at this private rooftop terrace with amazing views of the Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Rare Grand Canal view of Venice from a historical palace

Venice is widely regarded as one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Practically everyone that goes there does activities like guided tours of St. Mark’s Basilica or gondola rides in Venice. There’s something much more unique, however. Let yourself be amazed at this historical Venetian palace with the best views of the Grand Canal in Venice. Instead of being on a gondola ride, watch them sail past from this exclusive, private terrace. Sip on a wine or other drink of choice while you wander through the internal garden and breathtaking interior of the palace. Get the best views in Venice like nobody has seen them before.

Private terrace in Venice overlooking Grand Canal with gondolas and boats sailing

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