Explore the best rooftop bars in Venice, Italy, minus crowds

Explore the best rooftop bars in Venice, Italy, minus crowds

Lars Sattanathan Lars Sattanathan

Lars Sattanathan

It’s no secret that Venice is one of the most romantic and picturesque cities in the world. From its centuries-old architecture to its colorful canals, the city captivates visitors from all over the globe with its charm and elegance. A visit to Venice is a chance to step back in time.

The city has remained largely unchanged for centuries, and walking through its streets feels like stepping into another era. There's no place quite like it. In fact, spending a few days here is one of the best things to do in Italy, full stop.

If you’re planning your first trip and are looking for things to do in Venice, Italy, there are a few sites you won’t want to miss. These include the famous St. Mark's Basilica and the Palazzo Ducale. The city is also a foodie paradise. From golden hour drinks in Venice, fresh seafood to delicious gelato, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Another must-do is to explore the unique rooftops - you'll get unparalleled views of the canals and architecture. Plus, it's a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Problem is, the hustle and bustle often spills over to those rooftop bars and you’re left with a mediocre experience. This is definitely the case at the more popular spots like Terrazza Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

The solution? Try Viewnary’s private spaces to get the best views in Venice – all to yourself. 

Private get-together at an exclusive Venetian palace overlooking the Grand Canal

The ideal way to see Venice is from above. You can get a bird's eye view of the city's winding canals and marvel at the architectural beauty. For the best views of Venice, and the canals in particular, you should be along the water. There are a couple of rooftop bars in Venice that offer viewpoints of the city, such as La Terrazza Bar at H10 Palazzo Canova, Settimo Cielo Rooftop, and Blind Spot Venice.

However, if you want a truly novel and private experience that’s more Instagrammable than any skyline rooftop bar, there’s something else you might want to check out. It’s undoubtedly one of the things to see in Venice.

If you’ve been to Venice, or even if you have only seen it in pictures, you would have noticed the idyllic waterfront properties along the Grand Canal. Ever wondered what it’s like inside one of those majestic, historic buildings? You can find out for yourself at this spacious Venetian palace with stunning views of the Grand Canal. The palace is on the waterfront and offers 180-degree panoramas of the spectacular waterway. For a genuinely unique drink in Venice, this is where you need to be.

The best part is that you’ll have the expansive space all to yourself – and anyone you want to personally invite – without disturbance by strangers. Aperitivo with fresh ciabatta and focaccia while watching the gondolas glide by, anyone? No need to bother with getting tickets for the Campanile bell tower or wasting money at another skyline bar in Venice.

As a side note, the palace’s terrace is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Venice. Be sure to have a great camera on hand.

Private terrace in Venice overlooking Grand Canal with gondolas and boats sailing

Romantic date on a private terrace among century-old trees

Looking for romantic things to do in Venice? There's something about this place that makes it the perfect place for a romantic date. Whatever the reason, if you're looking for a romantic spot to take your date, Venice is sure to impress.

With that said, one of the most underrated romantic date ideas in Venice is to venture outside the city, into the scenic countryside of the Veneto region. One could argue that’s even one of the best things to do in Italy. One of the places to visit in Italy is the quaint city of Padua, nestled just 40km from Venice.

Although it’s not a particularly big city, there are certainly some hidden gems that will pleasantly surprise you. The huge square of Prato della Valle is one of the best things to see in Padua. Not too far a walk from that is the famous Scrovegni Chapel, known for its splendid frescoes by Giotto dating back to the Early Renaissance period of the 14th century.

There are also plenty of romantic things to do in Padua. You might have come across the historic Caffè Pedrocchi as a potential candidate, but there’s something more unique that’s only found on Viewnary: a cozy, private terrace surrounded by a lush, century-old garden. The exclusive space is embedded between the city center’s classical buildings and overlooks a sacred, ancient forest.

Its unique location and setting makes it a so-called “secret” terrace that can be booked on an hourly basis just for you and your better half. The intimacy you’ll enjoy here is above and beyond anything you’ll find in the busy city of Venice – and even Padua itself.

If you want to organize a romantic aperitivo in Padua with a prime view over the city, all while you sip a refreshing glass of wine or delicious cocktail (or any other beverage of your choice), this is the perfect place. Fun fact: the iconic cocktail, aperol spritz, originated from Padua. If you're interested in more delicious recipes, be sure to read up on the latest cocktail trends.

Should you have any special requests for your special moment, just contact the Host on Viewnary Chat. You can make this experience one of the most romantic things to do in Italy.

Private terrace view of secret garden, old trees and Duomo in Padova, Italy

Magical photoshoot at a 14th century wine tower with the best views of Padua

Moving further into Padua, you’ll find the impressive Basilica of Santa Giustina (Abbey of Santa Giustina) and Basilica Sant Antonio. There’s also the vast botanical garden of Padua, containing a collection of over 6,000 plants. 

Apart from the Prato della Valle, there are a few more squares that are worth visiting, including the Piazza dei Signori, Piazza della Frutta, and Piazza delle Erbe. All of them are fit for a photoshoot in Padua. Moreover, it’s something different from the mainstream sites in Venice.

Despite the many picture-worthy spots around town, there is one that stands out from the rest. Namely, a medieval wine tower overlooking the historic center of Padua. The Massimago Wine Tower is situated in the heart of the city, yet makes you feel like you’re in a countryside oasis, isolated from the rest of the world.

Built in the 14th century, the tower and bastion are embedded within a plush garden just minutes away from the iconic Prato della Valle. You can let your creativity run wild and make content that’s truly one-of-a-kind. But it’s not just for a photoshoot in Padua – you can arrange delicious bites and homemade wines to enjoy either in the spacious gardens or in the wine cellar.

So, if you’re asking yourself: is Padua worth visiting? Absolutely.

Massimago Wine Tower in Padua Italy with platter and glasses of wine on table

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