How to communicate with international Guests

How to communicate with international Guests

Lars Sattanathan Lars Sattanathan

Lars Sattanathan

A global platform like ours connects people around the world to one another – and so connects Hosts like you to Guests from other corners of the planet. This privilege can present one inconvenient drawback, though: language barriers. Since this is an inevitable issue, we’ll help you out by providing tips from our very own internationally diverse Viewnary team.

Make a good first impression with positive body language

Despite differences in tongue, we humans have one form of universal communication: body language. Non-verbal communication is not just critical for situations like job interviews, speeches, or romantic dates, but also when engaging with your Guests. Use open and warm body language by flashing your friendly smile, standing up straight without slouching, and maintaining eye contact. A big no-no is appearing defensive or inhospitable by, for example, crossing your arms over your chest or finger-tapping. Positive body language is key to making your Guests feel welcome.

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Simple communication

As with many things in life, keep it simple. Avoid sophisticated words and phrases, and don’t speak too fast. Since English is currently the world-language, talking at a basic level will increase the chances of being able to communicate sufficiently, even if you’re both non-native English speakers. Using hand gestures may also help to get your point across.

Use the best translation apps

We’re lucky to live in an age where you can “speak” and “understand” almost every possible language – they’re just a tap or click away. You can find many translation apps and tools online, so play around with a few to see which ones you prefer. Some of our favorites are: Google Translate, iTranslate, iTranslate Voice, and Waygo. Depending on which mobile device you’re using, you can instantly translate using voice-recognition without using an external app. To keep a human touch, we suggest learning a few basic words/phrases in your Guests’ native language. It’s always appreciated, and they might even get a laugh out of it if you accidentally mispronounce things.

Human-level communication is what separates our species from every other one that has ever existed on Earth. When done properly, it can leave a positive and memorable impression.

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