"Observation decks near me" is out: choose Viewnary instead

"Observation decks near me" is out: choose Viewnary instead

Nicola Kopij Zanin Nicola Kopij Zanin

Nicola Kopij Zanin

If you are reading this article, you have surely googled “observation decks near me” at least once in your lifetime. If there is one thing that kills creativity, it’s repetitiveness. Imagine being a photographer looking for a scenic spot, or wanting to share golden hour views with drinks with your friends. Good luck with spotting something new that will stimulate your senses. Frankly speaking, observation decks have become obsolete.

But the good news is: a great alternative is here, and it’s called Viewnary. From the very first day, one of our mottos was “Forget crowded observation decks”. You don’t need them to enjoy the best views in New York or the best views in Rome. Amongst the many perks of a Viewnary experience, here are 3 main ones: exclusive, safe and private. Let’s break down why we believe in these values.


If you really want to discover the secret spots of a city, you can’t act like the usual tourist. You want to gain access to places that were inaccessible until now and nobody knows about. With Viewnary, you can now pick among stunning locations that aren’t common. If you don’t feel like going to a rooftop bar to catch the best views in Miami, for example, why not try a personalized and exclusive experience at this private high-rise terrace overlooking Miami Beach and Downtown skyline.

Miami skyline view with ocean and skyscrapers


Overcrowded observation decks are out of date. Most importantly, you’ll never get the security of having a place reserved just for you. Sure, you can book Empire State Building tickets, but you’ll be surrounded by strangers and proper hygiene is no guarantee. At Viewnary, being able to provide you with a healthy and safe experience is our top priority. That’s why we make sure hosts respect the highest cleaning and safety standards, including strict COVID-19 protocols, so that you always feel at ease. Speaking of the Empire State Building: you can get a direct view of it, along with the iconic New York cityscape and New York skyscrapers under construction, from this private New York terrace overlooking Manhattan’s Midtown West.

View of Empire State Building and Manhattan skyline

Just for you

Finally places that you can have for yourself. No more unwanted company or lack of privacy. Don’t get us wrong: sharing an experience is a unique feeling. For this reason, with Viewnary, you will choose who your companions for the ride are. Haven’t experienced these benefits yet? Try booking your next scenic lookout on Viewnary. If you want to admire Rome architecture in peace from a rare location, you have to check out this stunning private terrace overlooking the Spanish Steps. We are sure you will embrace Viewnary experiences to the fullest.

Glass bowl of peanuts, bowls of olives, bowl of cheese blocks, bowl of chips, bowl of crackers, platter of dried ham, and two glasses of wine on table overlooking Spanish Steps in Rome

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