Romantic date

Romantic date

Treat your better half to a private, romantic surprise that he or she will remember forever.

Planning a romantic date is an art. We’re pretty sure you want to surprise your partner with a unique vibe and romantic setting for an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Viewnary allows you to plan a date in a private space available just for you and your partner. By arranging some details with the Host on Viewnary Chat, such as lighting up some candles, having your preferred bottle of champagne waiting for you or requesting some lovely background music being played while you admire a majestic sunset, you are able to recreate a one-of-a kind moment that will long (if not forever) be remembered.

Escape the hassle and noise of crowded, public spaces. Choose a space with unique views and recreate a fabulous setting while being in control of the whole experience. Viewnary spaces are meant for living intimate moments with those you care about the most.

Some members of the Viewnary Community went so far as to organize an unforgettable marriage proposal on Viewnary rooftops and decks. Believe us: you can’t say no to a proposal like that. Your partner will be thrilled once she or he steps into a Viewnary space to discover the exciting surprise you have prepared. 

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