2 simple rules for Guests visiting your rooftop terrace

2 simple rules for Guests visiting your rooftop terrace

Nicola Kopij Zanin Nicola Kopij Zanin

Nicola Kopij Zanin

Deciding to invite people into your property is no simple choice. If you’re planning to host golden hour cocktails on your private rooftop, we understand that you want to ensure that Guests respect your home and belongings. Hosts often underestimate the importance of communicating their rules, which can cause confusion and even turn off Guests from booking your listing. There are two keys to success here: keep it simple and be yourself.  

Keeping it simple

When you register your Listing, you have the opportunity to select predefined house-rules and then write additional ones. To encourage (potential) guests to choose your Listing for their next Viewing, select the most important predefined rules and keep any additional written rules short and clear. You don’t want to overload text in this section – it discourages Guests from reading them at all, which causes confusion later on. One way to overcome this issue is to use bullet points instead of long text, since they are much easier for guests to read. Guests want to book private rooftops and terraces to relax and enjoy themselves – your writing should reflect that. 

Be yourself

You don’t need to overcomplicate things by using language you would see in a formal legal document. If you’re someone that likes to throw in some humor, show that! It showcases your personality and helps Guests figure out if your Listing is a good fit for them. Something as silly as “Don’t kick my dog” can put a smile on the face of someone browsing through your Listing page. Since you’ll most likely host international travelers that may be unfamiliar with your part of the world, make sure important cultural and regional rules are communicated. Lastly, essential safety- and security-related rules should also be shared – safety first, after all! This is especially true if you offer an outdoor and private rooftop, terrace, or balcony. Communicating and providing a sense of security will greatly enhance the unique experience you’re going to provide your Guests.  

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