Step up your selfies with an amazing view in the background

Step up your selfies with an amazing view in the background

Lars Sattanathan Lars Sattanathan

Lars Sattanathan

Did you know that more than 93 million selfies are taken per day? And that’s on Android devices alone. This number has been growing steadily over the last decade and seems to be a trend that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. We have all taken one or, at the very least, been in one taken by friends or family. The problem is that many of those 93 million selfies won’t be the best of pictures – everyone is always looking to improve their selfie-game. A critical factor here is your background, which an amazing view will definitely fix. Follow our guide below to find out how a stunning view will take your selfies to the next level.


All you need for a successful selfie photoshoot is the following:

  • Camera

  • Tripod or selfie stick

  • Wireless remote (optional)

Selfie stick with mobile phone attached

The shot

Once you have your equipment ready, you’re good to go! The next step is, of course, the location. For us at Viewnary, a location is only worthy if it has an amazing view. If you want to stand out amongst the millions of daily selfies, you’ll need one! Firstly, natural lighting is always preferable for taking photos, so find an outdoor space like a balcony, terrace, or rooftop. Whether you want a skyline view or natural panorama in the background, natural lighting is your best friend. If you have a tripod, place it so that the lovely view you want fits nicely in the frame. You then have to check the frame for any objects that are ruining it, such as a tree or building in the corner of the screen that you don’t want to include. Selfie sticks make things easier as you can easily move around to get the perfect background. Our tip: golden hour lighting will give you the best shots!

When you take the selfies, make sure you look natural or experiment with different poses. After all, if you want to impress with the view then your pose shouldn’t be too attention-grabbing! You can play around here and take as many shots as you wish, since you can always edit them later. Once you’re done and have the selfies you want, you can go ahead and edit them on whatever device is convenient. If you want to edit at all and need some tips, there are plenty of online resources and tutorials available.

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Man taking selfie with mobile phone on a rooftop with group of people

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