The 3 most romantic places to propose in the world

The 3 most romantic places to propose in the world

Lars Sattanathan Lars Sattanathan

Lars Sattanathan

Have you been planning to pop the question to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Do you know how you want to propose, but are unsure of how to execute it smoothly? This definitely calls for some unique marriage proposal ideas. A well-planned proposal can be something that you and your spouse will both remember with fondness and excitement. Some people plan elaborate proposals with months of planning and preparation. One aspect you have to think about carefully is where to get down on one knee; location can make all the difference. To make sure that the big moment goes off without a hitch, follow this guide on how to plan an unforgettable marriage proposal…and where to do so. The only limit is your imagination!

Rent a private rooftop in NYC with stunning views

Finding the perfect place for a marriage proposal is essential. Consider your relationship with your significant other and what their interests are when deciding on a spot. The good news: everything’s better with a view. That’s certainly the case when you’re asking your partner to get engaged. Whether it’s a sprawling skyline or a picturesque beach, having an eye-catching background is hard to beat.

The former is definitely realistic if you’re planning to propose in New York City. Imagine an engagement proposal with the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, or Statue of Liberty as the backdrop – that’s a stunner. If you’re asking yourself: where is the best place to propose? Or where to propose near me? Well, one of the more popular spots are the many rooftop bars in NYC.

Think along the lines of places like Skylark NYC, Upstairs Rooftop at The Kimberly Hotel, or The Ready Rooftop Bar. Observation decks like the Empire State Building Observatory - sometimes even with the Empire State Building proposal package - are also popular. The Happily Ever Empire package, for instance. There’s one big issue with all of them, though: privacy. You don't want this experience to be ordinary, but rather intimate and extraordinary.

If you search for engagement proposal packages in New York, for example, you’ll notice that they’ll opt for private spaces instead of public ones. If you want the best views in NYC to be uninterrupted for you and your fiancée-to-be, you don’t want crowds around you to ruin them. If you want to trim the fat off these packages, you might want to consider renting a private space in NYC directly. This is where so many love stories start.

In terms of proposal locations in NYC, a classy option is this exclusive private rooftop in Nolita with sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline. Located in the heart of Little Italy, the rooftop sits atop a landmark building that gives it a one-of-a-kind vibe. With a few thousand square feet of space, your partner will feel like royalty when he or she steps foot here. The venue is also fitted with a beautiful, large wooden table and lounge seating. Not to forget a state of the art Bose Keynote sound system where you can play your favorite couple-song. If you have a list of engagement proposal songs, make sure it’s ready to stream, because this is where you want to play them.

If you wish to make your proposal complete with catering or any other special requests, simply message the Host on Viewnary Chat to have it arranged. Moreover, feel free to reach out to us for our own tips and pieces of advice to make this momentous occasion unforgettable. This has to be one of the best places to propose in NYC.

Nolita rooftop with chairs and tables

Pop the question on a private terrace overlooking the Spanish Steps in Rome

Arguably one of the most in-demand cities worldwide for asking your partner to marry you: Rome. The Eternal City is known not just for its historic wonders, such as the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain, but also for its aura of passionate romance. This is true for both locals and visitors alike. If you plan and pull it off right, Rome is where you can turn this dream into reality. You don’t even have to take our word for it – Lorenzo’s marriage proposal experience with Viewnary speaks volumes.

Our super-friendly Guest, Lorenzo, from Madrid, Spain, contacted the gracious Host of this exclusive private terrace with direct views of the Spanish Steps through Viewnary Chat. His ultimate goal was simple: get the love of his life to say “yes”. What’s more, he wanted to do it in style with a new and unique experience.

There are countless romantic ways to propose in Rome, but he was adamant about having a private space where he and his girlfriend could enjoy a personalized experience, planned to the tiniest of details. Upon arrival at the terrace, Lorenzo wanted to have an aperitivo ready with a chilled bottle of prosecco and various small Italian bites. That’s exactly what he got – and more.

After an hour of sipping the prosecco and eating freshly-prepared cheese platters, he got down on one knee and popped the question…and she said “yes!”. Lorenzo didn’t need a long, excruciating engagement proposal speech, because this private terrace with the best views in Rome did all the talking.

Now that’s a proper way to propose to a woman – you too can follow Lorenzo’s lead by reserving this, or other private and exclusive spaces in Rome, on Viewnary.

Glass of wine with Spanish Steps in Rome in the background

Propose in style with amazing views of Miami in the background

Are you in Miami and asking yourself: what are places to propose near me? This city is all about doing things big and grand, so you should have a marriage proposal idea to match. Being a coastal city, doing it oceanside on the beach is always an option.

If you’re after something more hip and contemporary, you may consider spots like Watr at 1 Rooftop, Rosa Sky Rooftop, or even Juvia Miami. Problem is that they’re nothing new or unique. A proposal is a once in a lifetime moment, and it's important that you show your partner just how much they mean to you. Doing something different is a sure way of making a lasting impression that she or he can’t say no to.

If you want a space that’s new, intimate, and combines the best aspects of rooftop bars in Miami, enjoy your special moment at this private terrace with sweeping views of Miami Beach and Downtown. The high-rise view is from an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows that’s 24 stories up, and you can admire vistas of the Downtown Miami skyline, South Beach, and Biscayne Bay. There’s prosecco on the house, too.

Should you want any extras to perfect the occasion, simply reach out to the Host on Viewnary Chat beforehand. That aside, what to do before you propose? Whether it’s Miami or not, you probably have a wedding ring hidden somewhere or are considering purchasing one. Are the hard times hitting you? No worries, you can always pair an indelible Viewnary experience with an affordable wedding ring.

Common benchmarks you may consider are lovely rings under $1000 or rings under $5000 that will still impress.  Should you need any help with planning this lifetime moment, just ask us and we’ll gladly oblige. All in all, you now know how to propose differently and make it a truly memorable experience.

Miami skyline view with ocean and skyscrapers

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