Try the top 3 things to do in Miami in Viewnary style

Try the top 3 things to do in Miami in Viewnary style

Nicola Kopij Zanin Nicola Kopij Zanin

Nicola Kopij Zanin

It shouldn’t be surprising that Miami was the Fresh Prince’s favorite city. Warm weather, sandy beaches and tropical vibes are all part of the package. Are you in town and looking for things to do in Miami? You’ve got options both downtown and by the beach – and even a rare location where you can catch amazing views of both at the same time. But instead of the usual drinks or coffee, why not try something new and personalized? There’s a new spot in town where you can host an array of activities, not to mention it has the best views in Miami. Here’s our list of the top 3 things to do in Miami.

1. Romantic date on a private terrace with stunning Miami views

A romantic date with the best views in Miami Beach? Yes, please. The city’s exotic vibe makes it a popular lovebird destination, so taking your partner for a special outing is high on this list. Countless bars and restaurants can be found on Ocean Drive and across town, but it’s really nothing new. Nor is it truly private in an environment where the focus is just you and your loved one.

That’s why your next romantic date in Miami should be at this exclusive private terrace with views of the Miami skyline and South Beach. While you take in the sights, your lovely Host will treat you to a fresh glass of prosecco or champagne and prepare delicious cheese platters and fruit platters. If you want a customized meal or drink, you can even let the Host know beforehand through Viewnary chat to arrange it. Although it’s not technically a restaurant, it might as well be. It sure has better views than any of the restaurants with nice views in Miami.

The best drinks in Miami are here, too. Forget restaurants in Miami South Beach – this is a spot that will impress your partner for sure. Bonus: you can add this to your list of options for romantic date ideas in Miami.

Miami skyline view with ocean and skyscrapers

2. Yoga session on a spacious outdoor private terrace with views over Miami

Yoga in Miami is quite a trendy thing. That’s why yoga studios in Miami are at peak demand nowadays. They’re hard to book and also a pandemic health risk since they require thorough sanitization after each use.

Next time you want to do yoga in Miami Beach, make it both safe and unique by doing it at this airy private terrace with amazing views of Miami. It’s perfect whether you want to enjoy some zen time by yourself or whether you want to enjoy it with a few friends. Even if you’re looking for a hot yoga spot in Miami, this is the place to be.

3. Photoshoot of the exotic Miami skyline and South Beach

Need some photoshoot spots in Miami? It’s definitely a goldmine city for photography, but at the end of the day you’ll eventually run out of options. Renting a photography studio in Miami will only offer you that much creativity, too.

What’s more, posting shots from undiscovered places gives your reputation a huge boost. Giving you access to hidden gems is what Viewnary does best, so you’re in luck. If you want to snap some spectacular pictures of the Miami skyline or Miami Beach, do it on this private terrace with panoramic views of Miami.

The golden hour views are really beautiful. In terms of Miami photography locations, it doesn’t get more rare and exclusive than this. To complement your hard work with the camera, you can enjoy a refreshing drink of choice to top it off.

Want to try your photographic-luck in The Big Apple too? Check out our selection of the best photo studios in NYC.

Miami Beach sunset and ocean

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