Viewnary is live: book your next photoshoot or drink

Viewnary is live: book your next photoshoot or drink

Stephan Moerman Stephan Moerman

Stephan Moerman

There is a great quote by Alan Cohen saying: “Don’t wait until conditions are perfect to begin; beginning makes conditions perfect”. Such a remark may sound sarcastic given the unprecedented times we are facing. Do you remember how different the world used to be at the beginning of last year?

But hey, if you are reading this post, it means you are ready and willing to try something totally new, embark on a fresh start because you are eager to discover original ideas – a platform like Viewnary, that reinvents the way you experience breathtaking views worldwide.

If you ever wondered: “what are the best views near me?”, then Viewnary is the right platform for you.

For example, did you know that approximately 100 million tickets are sold yearly for viewing attractions from observation decks all around the world? You might have been of those people sometimes climbing to that usual, crowded and always the same observation deck in NYC or Chicago you are so fed up with.

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Again, you might wonder – so many tickets for such a small variety of places?

And this is where the beauty of Viewnary steps in. Why settle for one or two views in your favorite location when you can access such a big variety of them? Ever dreamed about taking a one-of-a kind photo from a private rooftop with a dazzling skyline in the background? Bringing your loved ones to a majestic terrace where you can almost touch the sky?

Then Viewnary is what you have long been waiting for: a one-stop platform that lets you discover new angles, book sights and scenic panoramas you only wished you could access. Now that is possible.

Our advice: fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride! As Viewnary community expands, we will do our very best to continue offering you one-of-a kind scenic spots from stunning locations.

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Going back to the opening quote, are conditions perfect? No. Can we make them perfect? Yes!

Our goal is and will be to provide you with a platform you will proudly recommend to your friends, family and loved ones, saying “You won’t believe the stunning sunset view I was able to capture thanks to Viewnary”. We want you to be able to experience unique emotions and feel excited about your next Viewings.

So, forget crowded observation decks and enjoy the perfect view: private, safe, just for you.

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