Viewnary’s guide to the top 3 rooftops in New York City

Viewnary’s guide to the top 3 rooftops in New York City

Nicola Kopij Zanin Nicola Kopij Zanin

Nicola Kopij Zanin

The rooftop culture in NYC is real. Places like Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge are amongst the most-visited venues in town, and you’ll find both the adventurous tourists and NY locals there. However, spots like that have some serious drawbacks. For one, attracting a lot of visitors often comes with crowdedness. That, in turn, can lead to poor service and an underwhelming experience. It’s a vicious cycle of disappointment.

Secondly, you won’t get a personalized, unique experience. Forget about considering them as romantic date night ideas in NYC.  Apart from drinks with a view in New York, rooftops are also great for photoshoots. After all, from where else would you get better Manhattan skyline views?

Luckily for us all, lots of properties are opening up to host private experiences in NYC. Think private versions of public venues like rooftop bars, photo studios and even observation decks like the One World Trade Center Observation Deck or Empire State Building. Let’s explore what Viewnary has to offer.

Private get-together at a spacious Nolita rooftop

As I hinted above, nowadays it’s all about the experience economy. At the end of the day, there is only so much a public venue can offer in that regard. If doing something refreshing, niche and personalized is what you’re after, organizing a get-together at a private space is the way to go.

Picture being able to hang out with your best friends on a private rooftop with the best views in New York without being bothered by strangers. No long lines or crowds. That would be a true rarity in the Big Apple. Fortunately for you, those hidden gems are now merely a click away thanks to Viewnary. Next time you’re in Nolita, make sure you get together with some friends at this airy rooftop with panoramic Manhattan skyline views.

The stunning space boasts over 2300 square feet of open area along with 360-degree views of Lower Manhattan. If you’re looking for fun things to do in New York City, bring along some friends and hang out here. There’s tons of space for an exclusive-feeling get-together, not to mention the potential for some great content for your socials.

This rooftop is ideal for golden hour drinks, a private rooftop dinner in NYC, or whatever else you can think of. It’s also conveniently located in Soho East, and sits atop a classic Little Italy building. The space is also fully furnished with comfy lounge seating, a bar, a dining/meeting table and outdoor lounge chairs.

If you’re in the mood for a playlist of choice, there’s a fantastic Bose Keynote Sound System installed to liven the atmosphere. Come find out for yourself - even the best rooftop bars in NYC can’t compete. The amazing views you’ll enjoy are better than what The Edge Observation Deck tickets will give you.

Nolita rooftop with chairs and tables and pizzeria in Little Italy

Photoshoot at an exclusive, contemporary penthouse

Planning a photoshoot in New York? Getting picture-perfect images and clips is a popular activity here, so new locations are always welcome. At the end of the day, photo studios like Pier59 Studios and Attic Studios will only get you so far. If you need original New York photoshoot ideas, you’ll also need unique and untouched venues.

So many people – tourists and locals alike - are always looking for new things to capture on camera. Unfortunately, you’ll eventually end up with similar content because public places are open to everyone. To be able to boost your Instagram or professional gallery nowadays, you need something truly eye-catching.  

With that said, this exclusive, modern penthouse with sweeping views of Lower Manhattan is just what you need. The spacious 600 square foot property features beautiful wooden floors, comfy seating arrangements and groovy paintings. The open layout, with windows facing south and east, give it an airy and luxurious feel that will transcend through your lens. The indoor living area and outdoor deck are both equally impressive, making the space suitable for both indoor and outdoor shoots.

Don’t bother spending your hard-earned money on Top of the Rock Observation Deck tickets when you can enjoy expansive views from a stunning, private location like this. Plus, why waste time in long lines just to be squished between hordes of strangers on a viewing platform? If you need filming locations in New York City, this place is for you too.

In fact, the penthouse is equipped with a projector and screen – handy if you want to play back your masterpiece on the spot. In coordination with the Host, you can complement your shoot with food catering or home-cooked goodies. Simply contact him through Viewnary Chat to set up your one-of-a-kind photoshoot experience.

Manhattan rooftop with couches and tables overlooking NYC skyscrapers

Romantic date on a private townhouse rooftop with New York skyline views

Finding romantic date ideas in NYC is increasingly difficult – if you want something that’s totally new and different, that is. Technically, you’ve got more than enough options; the problem is that countless couples have been there and done that. You could take that special someone to Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge or The Ready Rooftop Bar, but that’s nothing new. Nor are you going to cherish the slightest bit of privacy. Imagine if you could rent a space in NYC that’s not only private but has breathtaking views.

This spacious townhouse rooftop with New York City skyline views has that (and more). The chic property is located in Bushwick and its rooftop offers the best skyline views in New York. In total, the townhouse has 1000 square feet of outdoor and indoor space that includes an on-site BBQ set and a full chef’s kitchen.  To perfect your date just the way you want it, you can have your favorite meal delivered or go all out and hire a private chef – your lovely Host will gladly help with arranging either option.

The property also has a quaint garden where you can unwind and relax. So, next time you need romantic date night ideas in NYC, you know where to go. Think about it: a really personalized, private, and exclusive date is hard to come by. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to a date night – this is a stunning spot for any time of day. A romantic experience doesn’t get more unique and memorable than this.

Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn private rooftop

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