Careers at Viewnary

Become a Viewer and deliver the perfect view for people from all around the world.

At Viewnary, we are building a platform that makes it easier for everyone to experience breathtaking views at unexplored locations.

There are jobs — and then there are careers. The chance to do the kind of work that adds up to something meaningful - the opportunity to challenge yourself and learn new skills in a dynamic and forward-thinking group.

At Viewnary, you will work with talented leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers to shape the future of how we experience unique views.

Who we are looking for

Are you the kind of person that is:

  • Dynamic: you are capable of delivering high-quality results and learning new concepts, best practices, and applications rapidly;

  • Flexible: you adapt to new environments and working practices, looking to take on a different range of tasks and activities with great enthusiasm;

  • Entrepreneurial: you are willing to take unconventional and sometimes out-of-the-ordinary steps and initiatives to help the company grow, challenging your managers with creative ideas;

  • A risk-seeker: you are eager to take a leap into new projects with an energetic approach and love to challenge yourself and others;

  • Visionary: you are capable of drafting, supporting, and executing a long-term strategy aimed at strong and consolidated growth for the company.

While your background and skills are important to us too, we believe one's mindset makes the real difference in a person. Even if you do not have a lengthy CV packed with an overwhelming amount of experience, do not worry: this might be the game-changing opportunity for your career to take off.

Careers at Viewnary HQ - Rotterdam

Interested in joining Viewnary?

If you think you are a good match, reach out to us at and tell us about who you are, what your skills are, where you think you can most add value, and why you are eager to join Viewnary.