The aim of Viewnary is to provide a Platform where everyone feels welcome. Our mission is to share unique views with everybody.

Our team is constantly involved in making sure that Users on Viewnary have the best possible experience.

Follow our rules of conduct

By following these simple rules, you will make sure that everyone has a wonderful experience on Viewnary:

  • Show respectable and fair treatment to other persons, making use of appropriate language and conduct;

  • Any action, statement, rule, physical gesture, or visual display that discriminates against Users based on their race, color, ethnicity, actual and perceived disability, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or marital status is prohibited;

  • Do not make use of discriminatory, intimidating, or threatening behavior that causes physical or mental damage to other persons;

  • Be punctual and stick to the times stated in the booking;

  • Do not perform any kind of action that is prohibited by property-specific rules, local or national legislation;

  • Adhere to the safety rules of the property;

  • Do not commit actions or demonstrate behavior that constitutes a sexual offense, explicit sexual actions, misconduct, or harassment towards other persons;

  • Do not disclose personal information and contact details obtained through Viewnary (for the sole purpose of facilitating the access to the property and communication between Users) to/through third parties or to the general public;

  • Do not attempt to circumvent the Platform by requesting, making, or accepting booking requests outside the Platform aimed at bypassing the Platform for any other purpose;

  • Do not access restricted areas of the Listing and avoid making use of the Host’s personal property.

If you wish to learn more about the rules of conduct, visit our Terms and Conditions.

How can I contribute as a Host

Help us keep our Platform safe and trusted.

  • Disclose factually accurate information about the Listing’s accessibility features (or lack of them), allowing for Guests with disabilities to assess for themselves whether the Listing is appropriate to their individual needs;

  • Disclose the presence of security cameras in the Listing, in line with applicable local laws and regulation;

  • Avoid discriminatory, intimidating, or provocative behavior and signage in the form of displays.

When engaging with Guests who are subject to actual and perceived disabilities, difficulties, or any limitations, we strongly advise you to:

  • Exercise your best effort to accommodate the needs of such Guests;

  • Demonstrate the maximum degree of flexibility to accommodate minor or modest requests of changes in the house rules, such as allowing access to assistance animals;

  • Allow such Guests to access the property with any support devices that facilitate the Guests’ actions;

  • Communicate with Guests through accessible means that are available, including relay operators (for people with hearing impairments) and email (for people with vision impairments using screen readers).