Trust & Safety

Last updated: November 10, 2020

Can I trust other Users and what does Viewnary do to keep the Platform safe?

Viewnary is safe.

We store Users’ data without disclosing it to third parties unless required to do so as per our Privacy Policy.

Hosts share their proof of identity when registering an account to ensure that Guests are not exposed to non-existent Listings or scams.

Guests are rated by Hosts for their conduct during a Viewing so that Hosts can make informed decisions when it comes to reviewing booking requests, which contributes to building trust among Users.

Users adhere to the rules of conduct outlined in our Terms and Conditions when signing up to the Platform. We have fraud detection and prevention mechanisms in place to reduce and minimize any breach of the rules of conduct.

We attempt to ensure that Users’ behavior on the Platform is polite and respectful, otherwise suspending or terminating such accounts.

We appreciate your feedback ( if you think any acts or omissions by other Users make the Platform less safe.

What information is shared between Hosts and Guests?

We share the Hosts' address, access codes (if any), contact information, and any other information to facilitate a Viewing with Guests only when Hosts accept a booking request.

We do so to protect sensitive information.

How should I behave during a Viewing?

By following these simple rules, you will make sure that everyone has a wonderful experience on Viewnary:

  • Show respectable and fair treatment to other persons, making use of appropriate language and conduct;

  • Do not make use of discriminatory, intimidating, or threatening behavior that causes physical or mental damage to other persons;

  • Be punctual and stick to the times stated in the booking;

  • Do not perform any kind of action that is prohibited by property-specific rules, local or national legislation;

  • Adhere to the safety rules of the property;

  • Do not commit actions or demonstrate behavior that constitutes a sexual offense, explicit sexual actions, misconduct, or harassment towards other persons;

  • Do not access restricted areas of the Listing and avoid making use of the Host’s personal property.

If you wish to learn more about the rules of conduct, visit our Terms and Conditions.

Is Viewnary helping to take precautionary measures against COVID-19?

The health of our Users is our first priority. In response to COVID-19, we set cleaning protocol guidelines for Hosts in order to provide safe and hygienic Viewings.

We strongly urge you to follow the advice given by your national public health institute and regularly refer to our COVID-19 Safety and Awareness page for more information.

Can I contact other Users?

You can contact other Users through the Viewnary chat.

Viewnary chat is available once a booking request is sent by a Guest. Viewnary chat can be used to ask questions to other Users and arrange additional requests for an upcoming Viewing.

Viewnary chat is safe. We make sure that no sensitive information is exchanged through Viewnary chat.

Can other people that are not part of my booking attend a Viewing at the same time?


Only you and any other Guests approved by the Host in your booking can attend a Viewing during the booked time.

Can I make additional arrangements with other Users during a Viewing?

Yes. Keep in mind that Viewnary is not liable for any personal agreements entered between you and other Users during a Viewing.

For example, as a Host, you may decide to greet your Guests with a welcome beverage or, as a Guest, agree to play some background music to enhance the atmosphere.

Such agreement is only between you and other Users, and can be arranged personally or through Viewnary chat.

As a Host, how can I prevent potential threats?

As Host, you may deny Guests' access to your property if their behavior and actions are not prohibited by law but are in clear violation of the property-specific rules, additional rules laid out by you, or constitute a threat to the safety of other persons.

If you demonstrate a pattern of rejecting Guests, you undermine the strength of our community by making potential Guests feel unwelcome. Viewnary may, in its sole discretion, suspend Hosts who demonstrate such a pattern.

Do I have to be insured for a Viewing?

Whether you are a Host or a Guest, no insurance is required for a Viewing.

Can minors attend a Viewing?

Yes, granted that they are accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or caretaker.

Minors below the age of 12 are not charged for a Viewing.

Are pets allowed to a Viewing?

Hosts disclose whether pets are allowed to a Viewing.

Certified assistance animals necessary for Guests to carry out their day-to-day life must be allowed, unless these constitute a justified danger to the health of the Host.

We advise you to check with the Host before the start of a Viewing whether animals are allowed.