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viewing in Brooklyn
Sun-Drenched Williamsburg Artist Loft

Hosted by Dana
Brooklyn, United States
$95 / Guest
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Included services


Free drinks

Snacks & appetizers

Free snacks & appetizers

Coffee & tea

Free coffee & tea

Do you have any special requests or want to know more about what is included in your Viewing? <span class='link'>Message the Host</span>.

Ideal for

Hanging out with your friends

Hanging out with your friends

Stunning photoshoots

Stunning photoshoots

A romantic date

A romantic date

Be creative!

How do I reserve a unique moment with amazing views

Reserve a day, time & choose the number of people

When the reservation is accepted, you will receive the address & access instructions

You are now ready to enjoy your unique moment

About the Host

You can message & arrange any special request with the Host before the start of the Viewing

The Host will greet you at your arrival

Connect with your Host for local tips & suggestions


Ground level, with ramp access (easy load-in)

Natural light from large skylight (black out options available)

Fully-furnished space with flexible design

Wardrobe rack with optional changing room


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Seating options (chairs, couch, etc.)
Seating options (chairs, couch, etc.)


No smoking
No smoking
No pets
No pets

1. Include set up and breakdown in your event booking timeframe

2. Over time is billed at 1.5x the hourly rate. If you suspect you need more time I recommend confirming now so it’s more cost efficient for you and your client/team :)

3. NO hanging out outside the loft door, if you need a break — go to the street, we will let you back in

4. We have cameras to prevent people taking things from our space. We only watch the cameras in case we suspect something is missing, so please alert the crew

5. This is a residential space, noice must be kept at a reasonable level

6. Due to covid, if you arrive with extra attendees that are not accounted for in the booking, the cost is $25 a head for every person.

7. Have FUN. 🧡

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Host since
May 2022
Response time
Within a day


COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures

The Host has reviewed and applies the COVID-19: Safety & Awareness measures set by Viewnary.